Best Way to Play Craps – Unbeatable Strategy

When talking about the best way to play craps, let’s start with the worst way first. The first way is to throw your money around the table on all of the exotic bets. Stay away from all of the excitement. Sure, that’s part of the excitement, but that’s also part of the casinos way for taking away your money.

You better believe that the casino believes it’s their job to take your money. And believe it or not, they are very good at it. So step number one, just stay away from all of the excitement of craps. Now of course, if you want to play craps there’s no problem with that, but you have to grind it out.

The way you do that, is you stick with the pass line bet. The pass line bet only has a 1.41% house advantage. In other words, a casino does advantage but it’s a very small one.

So, if you were to play the pass line only, you lose very little money, assuming that you played every single roll with exactly the same bet. What we are going to do, is introduce some mathematical magic.

The Fibonacci sequence is found throughout this entire world, actually it’s found throughout the entire galaxy. It also works when playing craps. The sequence runs like this; one, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, etc.

If you win, you just keep betting a single unit. However if you lose, you start working your way up the Fibonacci sequence. To end a losing streak, and come out ahead, you have to win two in a row, or win two of three.

Go ahead and test it out for yourself. Any time you are on a losing streak, two wins in a row or two wins out of three put you ahead. That is the sequence and you continue betting a single unit.