History of Bingo

Bingo is a form of gambling that has been around for centuries. Tracing its roots back to the Lotto D’Italia in the sixteenth century, the game of bingo is a member of the lotto family and has always been popular with the public.

Bingo is simple to learn and easy to play. There are no complicated rules that the player must learn. All the player has to do is to mark the numbers as they are called and recognize the winning pattern. There is no strategy that must be learned that can lower the house advantage. The player cannot affect or predict the selection of the number. All the player can do is mark the numbers. The game could not be simpler.

Online bingo sites also offer their players a variety of side games. These can range from Scratch Cards and Keno to slots, video poker and other casino type table games. These extra side games whet the player’s appetite for gambling. Players who have never been exposed to these types of casino games can now play them whenever they want. Bingo players who join an online bingo site often find themselves confronted with game choices for games that they have never heard of. Many players would never try roulette or blackjack if it wasn’t offered on their online bingo site. They would never experience online slot machine play or learn to play video poker if they didn’t have access to these casino type games on their online bingo site.

While playing bingo, players find the side games that they prefer. This may entice some players to look for other games to play in online casinos, which they would never have ventured into if it hadn’t been for playing online bingo. Most online casinos are now expanding into the online bingo market, people may join online bingo sites to play the side games because that is as close as they can get to online casino games. Whatever the reason, the side games offer a form of gambling games to the bingo player and this can lead to the player joining an online casino.

In this respect, online bingo functions as a lead in to other gambling games. This is how many gaming companies use online bingo as an entry system to a market. They introduce players to other forms of gambling through the side games. Players find other forms of enjoyment and entertainment that are available to them in this way. An example of this is the new 888 Ladies online bingo site offered by 888.com.