Playing Video Poker at a Higher Level

To take video poker from playing just for fun to a level where want to win, you must do things differently. You cannot think the same and you definitely must change the way you play compared to the average player. If you are prepared to do this, this article will give you tips to start the process.

Bare Bones Casino Tactics

Casinos have spent millions of dollars having machines designed to attract players and take their money. You can spend a hundred dollars at Disneyland and ride all day, this is entertainment. At the casino you can lose thousands of dollars, pretend it was entertainment and kick yourself for losing.

Lets look at a few gambling realities:

Casinos pay good money for human nature studies. They know how we tick.
They’re after your money (it’s only entertainment)
The odds are always in their favor
Video poker machines is software designed to keep you playing and losing
They’re programmed
They are programmed to make a lot of money for the casinos
The question is, how do you deal with this?

You need a plan, this is what we call a strategy. You have to overcome two things, the emotional factors and the house odds. The average player has no clue how to do this.

Watch how people play, they talk to the machines like there human. This provokes chasing money, this increases the casinos edge by 10 fold, a tactic they love to see players fall for.

A strategy has to have three things…

Money Management
Time Management
We are taking for granted that you already know how to play basic video poker, if not you must learn this before implementing a more advanced strategy.

Be Realistic

For any strategy to work you must be realistic about its possibilities. We are talking about gambling here, the elements of chance and the odds built into the games favor the house. If you think you can win all the time, you will be disappointed, it just won’t happen.

If a strategy will overcome tactics deployed by the casino and balance the house odds, then you will increase your winning ways. There is no law against having fun and winning too!